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by Tea In The Morning

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I made some y o u n g acoustic songss today so here you go.
Thank you @ my buzzing microphone and eighty dollar acoustic guitar.


released September 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Tea In The Morning Santa Monica, California

I'm 17 and sad

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Track Name: do the dishes, clean the room, take three advil instead of two
I lay in this empty bathtub
Staring up at faucets and an opening
Light tears through the upper wall and bulbs above
The world's spinning, is this happening

Someone jumps the Golden Gate bridge every seven days
Weekly routine kill my thoughts with medicine for the next play
Actors demonstrate their fears in open theater and I weep because
I cannot express a single thing, but then again they are acting aren't they?

I make my breakfast, an egg and three strips of bacon
I eat alone whilst listening to my favorite band
Pure noise encompasses my world as traffic out my door keeps ringing
Doorbell is dusty from its lack of use and that makes me kind of sad

I just love when the birds sing songs that they write to woo their lovers
I tried to follow along but things went wrong and I lost the summer
Seasons pass and hours tick like seconds going by
Then I wrote a lovely chime that made someone cry
Maybe I sing too slow or my chords sound slightly off
Maybe my words are just too morbid and I am at a loss
It goes on and on and I love
Too many people and too many things
Track Name: i,m mad i,m weird
Day one
I wrote her into my story
She told me all kinds of things
I'll try my best not to forget them
In early September
I'll maybe remember
Share those laughs again some time
Fit her into my rhyme

Her hand brushed mine but I felt no connection at all
Good things come to pass so I pin them up on my walls

Watch the mosquito land on the back of my hand
Suck the blood right out of me
Let it fly away and raise its children
So they can feed on me after father
Mother daughter son and reject
Give ourselves thing we can protect
I'm too fragile maybe I should
Learn how to live on my own

Day one
I wonder what was the first thing I ever
Wrote, some science fiction bullshit story about aliens
Move on and
Look I haven't changed a bit no
I still suck at drawing and my actions are still
youthful and kind of insane
I still don't know what love is
But does anyone?

Watch the dog eat toilet paper
That's not healthy but I what can I say
I drink milkshakes and eat dark chocolate
Feed just like my godamn father
Mother daughter son and reject
Give ourselves thing we can protect
I'm too fragile maybe I should
Learn how to live on my own

Paper-weight to the side of the skull
Loose-leaf paper now red to the fullest
Plastic bag in the back of the trunk
Glad to be dead or maybe I'm just foolish

Tell me to lighten up and I might
Tell me to lighten up already
Track Name: dreaming about people that don,t exist
I'm younger than I am
Or maybe I'm older than I think
Step on the line to begin
Running to reach the end
This roundabout path
I'm not smart but I did the math
And maybe in a million years
I'll find the gap
This music is so fucking pretty
Why am I like this
They judge as I say these things
In my mind I am righteous
I don't care what anyone thinks
I swim back and forth until I can sink
I can only write in the present tense
Give my charcoal hands a rinse
I burned them when I learned that they could speak
Their tiny mouths open, still so weak
When they screamed for me to make bad decisions
I lit them on fire, along with my vision
Maybe if I'm blind I won't notice this augmented reality
I wouldn't physically feel these things that rattle me
Maybe if I cut out my heart it will stop beating
Maybe if I shoot my legs they will stop breathing
Telling me to take more steps into places where I'd rather stay at the cushion edge
I look instead at the green glass reflecting what I could have said
But I never mentioned in fear that I'm too small
Questioning, how I could do anything at all?
When you read this in the morning you'll say, "oh, how remarkable"
Then ask me how I'm doing, or something like that...
I might as well get the answer out of the way, because I don't know
So "not bad", or "so-so"
I'm sick to my stomach
But whatever.
Track Name: grape olive suicide
Guess who's happy?
I am happy
Guess who's ugly?
Inside and out
I guess that's okay
Just as long as
I'm still happy
I'm still happy

Taking my cat for a walk after lunch
Wave to my pretty neighbors, I have got a hunch
That they hate me, they're saying, that kid is so crazy
Just lately I've been wearing a new pair of shoes I'm a
Little bit on the spectrum of psychotic
Since I woke up reality seems hypnotic
Sometimes I talk to myself and fucking hell I love it
I love it but I'm irrational
I hate it
I hate it when it's over
I hate it
When will this be over?
"I hate you", I'm screaming
At pictures I've taken
Of myself, self-inflicted
Narcissism, this is what it's
Like to be happy, isn't it?

You ask me if I like coffee or tea
I drink way too much of both so I am thinking we're the
Same, but then I realize you are just so shallow
And that is what I love in people
To be able to see past the pitfalls of the mind
To know how to live a normal life
To be able to stay sane with time
To know the words that come after this line
Because I sure as hell don't